Our club hosts Public Star Parties and Club Meetings at Peck Farm Park. Below are directions to Peck Farm park from various locations. Peck Farm Park is located at 4038 Kaneville Road in Geneva, Illinois.  We've included maps below for additional guidance and assistance.

Directions from downtown Geneva to Peck Farm Park

1.  Starting from Route 31 (1st Street) and Route 38 - Roosevelt Road.  Odometer=0.

2.  Go South on S 1st Street (SR-31) for 1.7 miles to W. Fabyan Parkway.  Odometer=1.7 miles.

3.  Turn Right on W. Fabyan Parkway and go West for 3.0 miles to Kaneville Road.  Odometer=4.7 miles.

4.  Turn Right on Kaneville Road and go North for .5 miles to Peck Farm. Odometer=5.2 miles.


Directions from Wheaton (near Roosevelt and Main)

1.  Starting from West Roosevelt Road (SR-38/Route 38) and Main Street in Wheaton.  Odometer=0.

2.  Head West on West Roosevelt Road (SR-38/Route 38) for seven miles to Fabyan Parkway.  Odometer=7 miles.

3.  Turn left on Fabyan Parkway and go Southwest for 1.6 miles to E. Fabyan Parkway.  Odometer=8.6 miles.

4.  Continue on E. Fabyan Parkway and go West for 5.7 miles to Kaneville, Road.  Odometer=14.3 miles.

5.  Turn right on Kaneville Rd and go North .5 miles to Peck Farm.  Odometer = 14.8 miles.


Directions from the West (Dekalb)

1.  Starting from Dekalb, IL going to 38W00-38W199 Kaneville Rd, Geneva, IL.  Odometer=0 miles.

2.  Head East on Lincoln Hiway (SR-38/Route 38) for 19.3 miles to Brundige Road.  Odometer=19.3 miles.

3.  Turn right on Brundige road and go South for 1.5 miles to Keslinger road.  Odometer=20.8 miles.

4.  Turn left on Keslinger road and go East for 1.3 miles to Peck road.  Odometer=22.1 miles.

5.  Turn hard right on Peck road and go South for about .8 miles to Kaneville road.  Odometer=22.9 miles.

6.  Turn right on Kaneville road and go Southwest for about .1 miles to Peck Farm.  Odometer=23.0 miles.


Directions from the South (Yorkville, Sugar Grove)

1.  Starting at the intersection of Route 34 and Route 47.  Odometer=0 miles.

2.  Head North on Route 47 for 8.4 miles to Bliss Road.  Odometer=8.4 miles.

3. Turn right on to Bliss Road (East) for 5.1 miles to Main Street.  Odometer=13.5 miles.

4.  Turn right on Main Street and head East for .2 miles to Fabyan Parkway.  Odometer=13.7 miles.

5.  Turn left on to Fabyan Parkway (North) 2.1 miles to Kaneville Road.  Odometer=15.8 miles.

6.  Turn left onto Kaneville Road (North) for .4 miles to Peck Farm on the right.  Odometer=16.2 miles.