Transit of Mercury

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November 11, 2019 06:40 AM

The morning of Monday, November 11th, the planet Mercury will pass in front of the Sun starting at dawn and lasting until approximately noon, CST. The peak time for viewing will be around 9AM when Mercury is near the center of the Sun but it will be a splendid sight at other times. The members of the Fox Valley Astronomical Society will have telescopes equiped with sun-safe filters set up at Peck Farm Park in Geneva, IL starting at dawn. The public is welcome to come at any time but be aware that early in the morning the Sun will be very low so later in the morning is probably a better time to arrive if you can not stay for long.

Of the planets only Mercury and Venus transit the solar disk since they have orbits that are closer to the Sun than that of the Earth. On average Mercury transits the Sun a dozen times every century, making transits much rarer than total eclipses of the Sun or Moon.

We will update this page based on the weather forecast as the date of the transit approaches.


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  • November 11, 2019 06:40 AM

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